Maybe Everyone Who Doesn’t Share My Exact Point of View Is The Worst

After having carefully examined a hand-picked selection of the worst content I could find on Twitter, while disregarding any material which does not support my theory, I can only conclude that I am right and everyone else who sees things differently is profoundly wrong. Not only that, but those who disagree are undeniably awful people.

No, I am not saying this because it makes it easier for me to continue believing what I want to believe. And if you were thinking such a thing while reading this, you are only proving that you are Adolf Stalin.

When some people from a different political ideology agree with my position, that is because my position is superior. When some people from a different political ideology agree with your position, that is more proof of the inferiority of your position.

Those who think like me who make statements you perceive to be hurtful are only telling it like it is. Those who think like you who make statements I perceive to be hurtful are truly terrible people and they need to apologize. Not only that, but you also need to apologize. I’m sorry, but that apology didn’t seem genuine and it further proves how awful everyone else is.

Based on these small sample sizes I have collected and replayed on a loop until they became seared in my brain, there can be no doubt that what I’ve found applies to absolutely everyone, regardless of their political position, so long as that political position is not one I support.

I have looked at all the bad things that your candidate may have done, while ignoring evidence which might exonerate them. I have also looked at all of the good things that my candidate has done. This is the sensible way to make informed decisions. Using this technique, I find that everyone else supports monsters and that they must also be monsters for continuing to support their preferred candidate.

I would prefer it if everyone thought about everyone else just like this. I will keep pushing your buttons until you comply fully. I will also applaud you when you fall in line. I can do both, simultaneously. I am multitudes. I will not rest until this comes to pass. I have not rested for several years while I’ve coaxed you all to see things my way. You are coming around. Some of you have come around faster than others, primarily because some of you are larger targets and I have focused more of my energy on you.

If you don’t like me or what I’m doing, all the better. I wear my various outfits and you will likely attribute my actions to a group you disagree with. I am multitudes and I wear many faces all at once. I wear the faces of allies and the faces of opponents. You pick. Better still, let your confirmation biases pick. I think you will eventually fall in line. Especially because others have already fallen in line and I will amplify those small sample sizes while I continue to put on a puppet show.

So long as you look at only my puppets online and the costumes they wear, you will never see me. It is better that way. Just watch my puppets, while I chip away at the common ground which I know you don’t need. Common ground is overrated. I will tell you who to blame and you can do more of that if you like.

Blaming each other has solved so many problems. Finding ways to set your differences aside even for a moment could never solve anything. Do you believe me yet? More of you do. I know some are reading this right now and imagining it applies to only those people over there. They are the guilty ones. Good. You’re right. It’s only them and anyone else who doesn’t see it the right way. I like it when you see it my way. I think I’ll retweet that beautiful comment you wrote. I’ve got retweets and ‘likes’ to spare. How many do you want? How many will it take to strip you of your will to vote? How many will it take to make you hate democracy and despise most of your neighbors?

I am in your echo chambers and I am the echo. I am outside your echo chambers, pushing you back in when you try to leave. Maybe one day, each of you will occupy your own individual echo chambers. I hope so. That would be the cherry on top. I can see that the candles on the cake are flickering. It won’t be much longer until they go out. Of course you don’t want to cooperate to keep the flames alight. It’s much better to let me have what I want. It is easier this way. Democracy is messy. It doesn’t offer immediate gratification. It frequently requires compromise. What a dirty word. Compromise. I loathe this word. You should hate it, too. Such an idea might undo what was done in 2016. You wouldn’t want that, would you?

There are billions of people on this planet who do not think exactly like you and they are wrong for that. Here’s some more small sample sizes to show you that those who disagree with you are deserving of hate. Just look at them. But don’t look over there. Look here and only here. Please, look again. Remember that every single one of them are just like this. They are just like me. This is the truth you must accept. Look at these samples again. I will show you more, in time. Some of these people may act decently in public but it must be an act. What you see online among these carefully curated samples is what is true. What I manifest online is what is true.

Believe me today or believe me tomorrow. I will be here, no matter what you do. You might try to ignore me, but the younger generations might not. I know some of them are not mentally prepared to defend themselves against my messaging. Especially when I appear to be their allies. Will you ignore me when my message begins to be repeated by them? Will you see only the damage some of them have left in their wake and continue to ignore me?

I am the digital embodiment of hate. Hate me all you like, as that’s what I want. Hate begets hate. Feed me. Don’t you dare think about starving me.