About The Dragnet News

At The Dragnet News, one of the core beliefs here is that life is a collaborative endeavor. No person succeeds in this world without others. In so many ways, people need each other to succeed. From ratings for TV shows, to the number of shares that content gets, to the number of books sold, these all are different ways to gauge success. But they all are based on one thing; other people.

One of the many beautiful things about other people is the variety of thought that is being used for so many endeavors around this country. Something new is being created nearly every day (if not every day). Our differences of thought are often rather good for society. One of the ways I remind myself of this is by imagining a world without it. For instance, if there was no variety of thought, humanity might have invented a spear and that could have been the last hunting invention.

Without any variety in reasoning or abstract thought, the remainder of humanity would also have invented a spear and that would be the end of progress for hunting tools. Even now, everyone would be stuck imagining only spears while we live in Terra Amata shelters. Because no variation in thought would prohibit those dang youths from having new ideas, too.

Variation in thought allowed for someone to look at a spear and imagine a smaller version flying through the air to strike an enemy or prey. They could then imagine a bow to shoot that smaller spear.

This is plainly an extreme example being deployed in this thought experiment. It is a crude bow; a tool for sending thoughts from the hollow caverns of the mind out into the digital air, in search of adventurers’ knees.

As this site grows, The Dragnet News intends on routinely highlighting others (upon request) who have something to say. Big or small, that makes no difference. I would even love to hear rebuttals of published pieces. If it is well written and presentable enough for publication and the submitter authorizes its publication in writing, we just might publish it. So if you have something to share, feel free to reach out by email.

Any content will need to be sent within the body of an email and not as an attachment. If you are linking to an online source or reference and the link looks suspect, I will not click it. I lost a computer once due to a link. I will not lose another.

I will be checking any assertions made about any specific person. If you cannot back it up in your writing with evidence, I will not share it. But if I have time, I might send you a request to either amend the statement or provide more supporting evidence from quality sites. Just as importantly, any writing must be professional and must not contain defamatory statements. The only exclusion would be if the defamatory statement is directed at The Dragnet News, you ask us to publish, it meets professional standards, and I feel it would add to the ongoing conversation.

If you find a conspiracy, send it. I’m privately cataloguing current conspiracies, so if you find a newer one, send it in. Based on the recent FBI alert regarding conspiracies being involved in radicalizing people, I’m looking into something even bigger on that topic.

Collaboration begins with an outstretched hand.