What’s a Maté?

Around 10 days ago, I wrote an article about a Tulsi Gabbard backer named Michael Tracey who had a tendency of alleging conspiracies about the DNC and ‘the establishment.’ As discussed in the article, this individual has had a long public history of taking Russia’s side since 2012.

He’s not the only one who pushes DNC conspiracies and also heavily supports Tulsi Gabbard. Aaron Maté does the same, while he also provided cover for the Syrian government’s use of chemical weapons in Douma. These two “progressive” journalists have a remarkable tendency of relaying quite similar messaging to their audience.

There are far more similarities between these two people. Both Tracey and Maté have promoted Russia Today. In that earlier linked tweet from Aaron, he promoted Sputnik. They’ve both came to Maria Butina’s defense on multiple occasions. Here’s one example out of many from Aaron and here’s a quite hostile one from Tracey.

On all these topics, both of them have repeatedly taken Russia’s side on major Russian interests. Once might be a coincidence. This is very deliberate. For instance, Tracey’s tweet about Syria was a refrain that can be heard directly from Russia. As a matter of fact, Russia again argued that very point at the UNSC last Thursday, demanding the phrase “illegal occupation” be applied to US and US-allied forces in Syria.

Tracey and Mate make it abundantly clear in their tweets that the reason they support Tulsi Gabbard is specifically because she takes positions that are directly in line with Russia’s. This is not by chance. And for clarity, after reviewing their tweet history, I saw no condemnation of Russia’s actions in any of these countries or on any of these topics.

Because of their support, I’ve been looking closely at Tulsi Gabbard. Her rhetoric closely matches theirs on matters that are of great import to Russia. She pushed the same talking point about Syria’s use of chemical weapons as Aaron. She immediately took Bill Barr’s summary as gospel, just as these two did. And that’s not their only areas of alignment. So, I have written a piece on Tulsi, as well.